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On-Road Diesel

On-road diesel fuel, also known as clear diesel, is intended for cars, SUVs, and regular trucks that are driving on our public roads and highways. 

Off-road diesel is also known as red-dyed diesel, ultra-low sulfur diesel, and farm diesel. It is intended for vehicles and equipment that don’t typically operate on public roads. It is not taxed, so it tends to be cheaper.


Gasoline is the primary transportation fuel used in the United States. We deliver unleaded, mid-grade, and premium gasoline directly to your site.


Biodiesel (B5-B99) is a renewable, biodegradable fuel that is manufactured domestically from vegetable oils, animal fats, or recycled restaurant grease. It cuts emissions, is environmentally friendly, and is very safe to use.

Renewable Diesel

Renewable diesel (R99) is a diesel alternative that is made from non-petroleum resources like vegetable oils and animal fats. RD can be used in existing diesel engines and infrastructure, transported in petroleum pipelines, and sold at retail stations


Kerosene, or parafin, is a hydrocarbon oil derived from petroleum. It is commonly used as a heating fuel in homes, businesses, and job sites. It is also sometimes used in aviation. It has a clean burn nature which upholds a high heat production while keeping costs low.


Propane, also known as “bottled gas,” is a colorless hydrocarbon with the chemical formula C3H8. Propane can exist in both gaseous and liquid form. Propane is used for many applications and in many different industries.

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